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Preschool Math Worksheets

For kids of age 2-5, development of fine motor skills, communication skills, cognitive skills and gross motor skills takes place. In this stage it is necessary to develop their basic math skills also.

Keeping this in mind, we have created preschool math worksheets with more pictures, colors and fun. Early counting, money charts, basic shapes, identifying heavy-light, large-small, tall-short, etc.., are included to learn the greater mathematical concepts in future.

Parents can make use of variety of these worksheets and ask the kids to answer some real life math problems. For instance, if your kid is doing well with our worksheets on shapes, then ask him/her to identify the shape of the table or window in the study room. This helps them to understand the concept better.

Preschool Letter Worksheets

Ocean Letter Match - beginning sounds, letters c, f, l, s, and w
Farm Animal Letter Match - beginning sounds, letters c, d, g, p, and r
Halloween Letter Match - beginning sounds, letters b, c, g, s, and w
Ant to Apple Maze - Words that begin with /a/, tracing letters.
C is for Car - tracing and printing letter C
B is for Boat - tracing and printing letter B
Letter Concepts - visual discrimination, recognizing upper case letters in a group, 5 worksheets.
Letter Concepts - visual discrimination, recognizing lower case letters in a group, 5 worksheets.
ABC Practice - very basic intro to the alphabet, upper and lower case alphabet, color recognition, and fine motor skills are reinforced, 26 worksheets.
ABC Maze #2 - lower case letters from a-z
ABC Maze - go through the maze in alphabetical order
Beginning Sound of /V/ - practice printing letter V, pictures that begin with V
Beginning Sound T - practice printing the letter T, pictures that begin with T
Beginning Sound S - practice printing the letter S, pictures begin with S.
Beginning Sound Qu - practice printing the letters Q and u, which pictures begin with /qu/.
Beginning Sound P - practice printing the letter P, which pictures begin with /P/
Beginning Sound M - practice printing the letter M, which pictures begin with /M/
Beginning Sound D - practice printing the letter D, which pictures begin with /D/
Beginning Sound B - practice printing the letter B, which pictures begin with /B/
Beginning Consonants #2 - circle the picture that has the same beginning consonant as the first picture in each row.
Beginning Consonants - circle the picture that has the same beginning consonant as the first picture in each row, letters t, l, b, and p.


Counting Numbers Worksheets:

Number charts help the beginners to view the numbers in colorful blocks. Print and make use of it. Count the pictures worksheet also provided.


Chart 1-10Count and write

Money Worksheets:

This section helps the kids to view the model of real life money. The images of denominations are provided. Make use of this print out to display it on the study room.


Coin chart

Shapes Worksheets:

Colorful geometrical shapes are given. Identify the shape and write its name. Also names of some the shapes are given. Draw those shapes.


Name the 2d shapes

Measurement Worksheets:

These pictures worksheets help the kids to relate and differentiate the objects which are heavy and light, large and small and tall and short.


Identify the light objectIdentify the tall animal

Kindergarten Language Arts Worksheets

See, Say, Write, and Read - bunny reading readiness
See, Say, Read, and Write - words the, jump, and can
Reading Readiness 2
Reading Readiness 1
Draw a Story - sequence of three
Matching Words worksheets A and B
Betsy Bear - color, cut, and paste three pictures in order to show what happened to Betsy Bear. A sequence of 3 worksheet.
See, Say, Write, and Read
Look, Think and Read
Look, Think and Read 2
Look, Think and Read 3
Look, Think and Read 4
Beginning Sounds d, j, k, m, w - Name the pictures, say the letters, and circle the letter that sounds the same as the picture.
Beginning Sounds h, c, t, a, b
The Sound of D
The Sound of Letter b - Circle ten things in the picture that begin with the sound of letter b.
Beginning Sounds - 3 worksheets
Beginning Sounds of t, k, and f - 2 worksheets
Last Letter on the Farm #2 - 3 worksheets, write the ending letter to farm related words
Beginning Consonants - worksheets 2 and 3
Last Letter On the Farm - ending consonants
First Letter On the Farm - beginning consonants
The Beginning Sound of Fruit
The Beginning Sound of Vegetables
Nouns on the Farm
Making Three Letter Words with i and e
Making Three Letter Words with o and e
Making Three Letter Words with a and u
Last Letter - animals - dog, cat, pig, fox
Word Recognition - Circle the sentence that describes the picture.
Making Farm Words - 2 styles, farm animal words
Funny Animals - 2 worksheets using the words and, can, hop, run, climb
Boxed In Words - five worksheets, 40 sight words
Alphabet Fun - learning the order of letters in alphabet
Animal Fun - handwriting and animal names
Letter Z Worksheet 1 - color letter Z words
Letter Y Worksheet 1 - color letter Y words
Letter X Worksheet 1 - color letter X words
Letter W Worksheet 1 - color letter W words
Letter V Worksheet 1 - color letter V words
Letter U Worksheet 1 - color letter U words
Letter T Worksheet 1 - color letter T words
Letter S Worksheet 1 - color letter S words
Letter R Worksheet 1 - color letter R words
Letter Q Worksheet 1 - color letter Q words
Letter P Worksheet 1 - color letter P words
Letter O Worksheet 1 - color letter O words
Letter N Worksheet 1 - color letter N words
Letter M Worksheet 1 - color letter M words
Letter L Worksheet 1 - color letter L words
Letter K Worksheet 1 - color letter K words
Letter J Worksheet 1 - color letter J words
Letter I Worksheet 1 - color letter I words
Letter H Worksheet 1 - color letter H words
Letter G Worksheet 1 - color letter G words
Letter F Worksheet 1 - color letter F words
Letter E Worksheet 1 - color letter E words
Letter D Worksheet 1 - color letter D words
Letter C Worksheet 1 - color letter C words
Letter B Worksheet 1 - color letter B words
Letter A Worksheet 1 - color letter A words
Letter Concepts - worksheets 1-7, letter recognition, visual discrimination
Following Directions - color and counting skills


Kindergarten Science Worksheets

Motion - This primary science worksheet requires the student to identify objects that are people powered and objects that require fuel.
The Sun Helps Things Grow - primary science worksheet
Light - primary science worksheet
Mammals and Reptiles Cut and Paste
Label the Pictures - farm animals
My Animal Book
Land or Sea - cut and paste worksheet
Your Five Senses
My First Crossword Puzzle - baby animals
Sense of Hearing


Kindergarten Concepts and Basic Skills Worksheets

Four Same Size worksheets - fruits, vegetables, toys, sea life
Barnyard Colors - color recognition and following directions
Match the Opposites
Building Color Words - purple, yellow, red, blue
Building Color Words #2 - brown, pink, green, orange
Alphabet Activities - 26 worksheets, Zaner Bloser® style font
Alphabet Activities - 26 worksheets, D'Nealian® style font
Painter Pete Learns His Colors - color and handwriting booklet
Mandy Monkey - color recognition, handwriting practice
Painter Pete color word recognition
Alphabet Print and Match
Happy Shapes
Pink Pig, Brown Pig


Thinking Skills Worksheets

Classifying Worksheet 3 - Identify and color the items that help you get from here to there.
Seasons Find the Difference - 4 worksheets, summer, winter, spring, and fall
Ten Acorns - following directions
Follow the Directions - worksheet a
Vegetable Tiles
Fruit Tiles
Classifying Worksheet 2 - Color items you can eat and mark an x on items you can't.
School Stuff
Insect Patterns
My Dinosaur
Big, Bigger, Biggest
Picture Patterns


Fine Motor Skills

Trace the Butterfly - trace and color
Draw the Butterfly - thinking skills, visual discrimination
Halloween Cut and Paste
Dinosaur Cut and Paste
Farm Animal Cut and Paste
Clown Maze
Seashell Shadow Match
Tracing Practice
Yummy and Yucky
Build A House - cut and paste activity
Connect the Dots - number recognition to 20, the letter S
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