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  Reading Comprehension Worksheets

 Our worksheets are colorful, unique, and provide interesting information about a range of subjects. This enables students to improve their reading comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary while simultaneously learning about an intriguing subject. What is more, our worksheets elicit the usage of critical thinking skills on behalf of the reader - even at the beginning level. While some questions ask the reader to peruse the passage for particular details, most questions involve the usage of deductive reasoning, conclusion making, logical inference, sequential analysis, tonal awareness, and an understanding of scope. Each worksheet contains comprehension and vocabulary questions about the attached passage

Reading Comprehension:

Information Comprehension:

Each passage reads similar to a newspaper of journal article, and provides interesting information about some aspect of history, nature, mechanics, science, art, and more. Questions involve critical thinking with a focus on logic and inference.

Verb Tense Worksheets

Unit 1: Using "To Be"
This unit contains worksheets outlining common usages of the verb "to be."
Unit 2: Present Tense

Each worksheet includes an explanation and examples of the three aspects (simple, progressive, and perfect) of the present tense. Practice involves filling in the blanks and rewriting sentences in the specified aspect of the present tense.

 Answer Key - This is the answer key to Unit 2 worksheets

Unit 2: Present Tense

Each worksheet includes an explanation and examples of the three aspects (simple, progressive, and perfect) of the present tense. Practice involves filling in the blanks and rewriting sentences in the specified aspect of the present tense.

Unit 3: Past Tense
Each worksheet includes an explanation and examples of the three aspects (simple, progressive, and perfect) of the past tense. Practice involves filling in the blanks and rewriting sentences in the specified aspect of the past tense.
Unit 4: Future Tense
Each worksheet includes an explanation and examples of the three aspects (simple, progressive, and perfect) of the future tense. Practice involves filling in the blanks and rewriting sentences in the specified aspect of the future tense.
Will and Going to Answers

  Sentence Completion Worksheets

Description:  In these worksheets, students must select the best words from a list of 5 answer choices to fill empty blanks in sentences. Some sentences contain a single blank, while others contain two. These worksheets are very effective in improving vocabulary, syntax, and ones understanding of conjunctions as syntactical "road signs".

Teacher tip: Teachers can reinforce the role conjunctions play in sentences by showing students how the conjunction dictates the answer in certain questions. For example, look how the conjunction dictates the answer in the following question. Notice that when the conjunction is
and the correct answer is love. This is because the connotation of the first clause is continued. However, when the conjunction is but the correct answer is hate. This is because the connotation of the first clause is not continued in the second clause; it gets inverted due to the role played by the conjunction, but.

Answer keys for this series is included at the end of each worksheet.

Third Grade English/Language Arts Worksheets

Earthquakes and Volcanoes - grammar/science worksheet
Writing Review 3
Double Vowel or Double Consonant
Alphabetize Dolch Words - 3rd grade
Vocabulary Practice - third grade
Sonoran Desert Question or Statement
Words With Two Meanings - third grade
Syllable Sleuth
Select the Tense - past, present, future
Helping Verbs
Nouns worksheet 3
Possessive Pronouns
Alphabet Antics
Proper Nouns - using proper nouns
Synonyms - choosing the best word in sentence
Capitalization - geography and capitalization
My Name is Albert - reading comprehension
Question or Statement - identify a question or statement
Sonoran Desert Activity two worksheets, comprehension, art
Similar Words vocabulary
Punctuation Practice
Antonym Puzzle
Pronouns Worksheet
Antonym Worksheet
Homophones Worksheet
Where in the Book? - locating information in contents
Synonym Worksheet 2
Vocabulary Fun


Third Grade Science Worksheets

Animal Sounds - word search and alphabetize
Scrambled Animals - letter B
Scrambled Animals
Manatee Fact Sheet
Loggerhead Turtle Fact Sheet
Lizard and Bullfrog Fun Sheet
Animal Families
Reptile Word Search Puzzle
Insect Word Search Puzzle
Birds Fact or Opinion - with word search
Planet Cryptogram - two page planet worksheet
All Mixed Up - two page planet worksheet


Third Grade History Worksheets

Churning Butter - Coloring and information page
Work in Ancient Egypt - occupations worksheet


Third Grade Social Studies Worksheets

Following Directions - following directions, map skills, fine motor
Map Study 1


Third Grade Mythology Worksheets

Greek Gods - word search puzzle
Mythology Mystery - Greek mythology worksheet

Third Grade Math Worksheets

3rd grade math worksheets include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, time, place value, number names, identifying pattern, arrange and order, order of operations, estimation, fractions and decimals. Grade three geometry worksheets include basic angles, circles and perimeter.

Addition word problems
Printable math worksheets
Fraction activities
Standard form of decimals worksheet
Basic circle worksheets


Place Value Worksheets

Grade three practice sheets based on finding place value for larger numbers and writing in standard and expanded form.

Number Names Worksheets

Write the number names and numerals for 3 digit and 4 digit numbers.

Number Pattern Worksheets

Worksheets contain comma separated numbers in a sequence with three blanks left out in either front, middle or at the end. Identify the sequence and find the missing numbers.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Arrange the 3 or 4 digit numbers in increasing or decreasing order. Need more practice problems? Check it out here: Ordering numbers

Addition Worksheets

3rd grade addition worksheets include 2 digit and 3 digit addition with three addends and addition word problems.

Subtraction Worksheets

With and without borrowing subtraction worksheets with various digit combinations are included.

Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets

Understand and practice the subtraction word problems involving 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. It helps kids to master their skills in word problems.

Multiplication Worksheets

Are you the beginner for multiplication tables? Find the multiplication tables from 0 to 10 in just one sheet. To test your skills, take partially filled charts or blank charts for practice. After finishing with tables, you can try our simple multiplication worksheets.

Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets

Imagine you are in super market and purchasing some fruits. Cost per item is provided in rate chart. How do you find the cost of 6 apples or 7 bananas or 4 peaches? This is not the only situation we use multiplication. To master your skill in understanding the day to day situations involving multiplication, try the multiplication word problems worksheets given below.

Division Worksheets

Division becomes easy once you become familiar with multiplication tables. Here, few division worksheets with or without remainder is provided. Division word problems are given to develop good analytical knowledge.

Order of Operations Worksheets

These worksheets are really helpful for beginners to understand the order of operations. Only worksheets based on DMAS (Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) rule is given here.

Estimation Worksheets

Don’t do actual addition or subtraction. Estimate each number for given place value and then add or subtract.

Fractions Worksheets

Fraction is a part of whole. There are three types of fractions proper, improper and mixed. 3rd grade math worksheets based on fractions include identify and name the type of fraction, find the part of colors and add or subtract fractions with like denominator.

Decimals Worksheets

Grade three decimal worksheets contain number names, place value, addition, subtraction and estimation of decimals.

Angles Worksheets

Angles are classified based on degrees. Angle worksheets in identifying and drawing types of angles are provided.

Circles Worksheets

Basic worksheets to identify the parts of a circle, finding radius from diameter and vice versa are included.

Perimeter Worksheets

Find the perimeter of squares and rectangles using figures. If you don’t find the worksheets what you are looking for, try this: Perimeter worksheets

Time Worksheets

3rd grade math worksheets based on clock, telling time, daily activities, today’s activities and drawing minute and hour hands.

Addition Worksheets

Halloween Maze Worksheet 3 - solve multiplication problems and color the answers with an even product to get to the haunted house. 
Addition Practice - adding three 2-digit numbers with regrouping
Christmas Addition - adding three digit numbers, no regrouping
Christmas Addition - adding three digits with regrouping
Halloween Mystery Math #3 - addition problems, secret code
Secret Code Math - addition and turtles
Addition Worksheet 7 - 3 digit addition, no carrying
Addition Worksheet 8 - 3 digit addition, some carrying
Addition Worksheet 9 - addition drill sheet
Addition Worksheet 10 - addition drill sheet
Math Squares 2 - sums to 80
Math Squares 1 - simple addition

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction Practice - worksheet 3a
Three Digit Subtraction - worksheet 2
Three Digit Subtraction - worksheet 1
Subtraction Practice Series worksheet 4
Subtraction Practice Series worksheet 4a
Subtraction Practice Series worksheet 3
Subtraction Practice Series worksheet 3a

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

July 4th Add and Subtract - for third grade
Number Detective - worksheet 3
Temperature Worksheet
Word Problems #3
Problem Solving 1 - addition and subtraction word problems
Alien Math Maze - 3rd grade addition and subtraction worksheet
Add or Subtract - grade 3, Halloween theme
Math Pyramid worksheet c - sums to 1,000
Math Pyramid worksheet b - sums to 1,000
Addition and Subtraction Drill Sheet - worksheet 3
Add or Subtract - 3rd grade mixed review worksheet

Multiplication Worksheets

Properties of Multiplication - Intro to the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of multiplication.
Christmas Multiplication - facts to 12
Product Puzzle - multiplication worksheet and puzzle
Multiply by 9 Riddle - multiplication practice
Multiply by 8 Riddle - multiplication practice
Multiply by 7 Riddle - multiplication practice
Multiply by 6 Riddle - multiplication practice
Toy Store Math - a multiplication worksheet
Math Squares 3 - multiplication
3rd Grade Multiplication Packet - 15 worksheets
Multiplication Practice - 2-digit by 1-digit, no regrouping
Halloween Multiplication Practice #2 - 3rd grade
Halloween Multiplication Practice #1 - 3rd grade
Multiplication Maze - plus secret code
Multiplication Table activity - through 9 x 9
Multiplying by 5 and 10
Horizontal Multiplication Facts 0-9
Valentine's Day Multiplication - 2-digit by 1-digit
Lucky Leprechaun Multiplication
Multiplication Table and Practice
Multiplication Worksheet 1
Multiplication Worksheet 2
Multiplication Worksheet 3
Multiplication Worksheet 4
Beginning Multiplication
x2 crossword puzzle
x3 Crossword Puzzle
x4 Crossword Puzzle
x5 Crossword Puzzle
x6 Crossword Puzzle
x7 Crossword Puzzle
x8 Crossword Puzzle
x9 Crossword Puzzle

Division Worksheets

Division Practice - grade 3
Crabby Division - worksheet 1
Chicken Math - division worksheet
Halloween Division Practice - 3rd grade
Division Practice - Valentine's Day theme, grade 3
Halloween Division - Six problems, dividing by 2, 3, 4, and 5 with Halloween illustrations.
Division Practice - Martin Luther King, Jr. theme, grade 3
Division Practice 1

Fraction Worksheets

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet 1 - Identify and circle the equivalent fractions in each set.
Beginning Fractions #4
Beginning Fractions #5
Fractions worksheet

Rounding Worksheets

Rounding Whole Numbers to the Nearest Ten - 5 worksheets
Rounding Numbers - round to nearest ten, worksheet D
Rounding Numbers - round to nearest ten, worksheet C
Rounding Numbers - round to nearest ten, worksheet B
Number Round-Up

Odd and Even Numbers

Odd and Even Numbers 50 - 100 - identify the odd and even numbers from 50-100
Odd and Even Numbers 100-200

Place Value Worksheets

Flying High With Numbers - a place value worksheet


Writing Numbers Worksheet 4 - Students will write whole numbers to ten thousands using digits and words. Aligns to Common Core Standards 4.NBT.2. 
Line of Symmetry Worksheet 1 - Draw lines of symmetry on the shapes provided.
Perimeter Worksheet 3 - find the missing value
Perimeter Worksheet 1 - find the missing value
Calendar Fun #3
Sharpen Your Skills - Worksheet 3
Math Who Am I? - worksheet 3
Clothing Choices - determine possible combinations of clothes
Cube Count
Problem Solving 2-3 - word problems
Weights and Measures - word search puzzle

Standardized Test Practice Worksheets

(The following worksheets meet or exceed the published Arizona Academic Standards at the time of publication.) 
Expanded Notation - worksheet 2
Melissa's Garden - identify points on a grid, ordered pairs
AIMS Math Review 3 - worksheet
Expanded Notation - worksheet
Ordering Numbers - worksheet d


Fourth Grade English/Language Arts Worksheets

Children's Authors Worksheet 3 - rewrite using correct punctuation
Using a or an
Why Are They Nouns
Parts of Speech Matching
Reading A Label - healthy tonic
Reading the Want Ads - tlsbooks.com Daily
Using Homophones
Dictionary Skills Review
Scream to Scrubber - dictionary skills, guide words
Haymow to Headrest - dictionary skills, guide words
Thesaurus 1
Word Wizard - making new words
The Newspaper - making new words


Fourth Grade Science Worksheets

Jupiter - reading comprehension
Your Five Senses - categorizing words 
Collared Peccary - information and coloring page
Creatures of the Grand Canyon word search and animal classification
Space Shuttle Fact Sheet
Bison Fact Sheet
Hidden Animals 2
Rain Forest Word Search puzzle
Space Age Word Search Puzzle
Hidden Animals
Hurricane Scramble


Fourth Grade History Worksheets

Presidents Word Search - four puzzles and trivia


Fourth Grade Social Studies Worksheets

Following Directions - following directions, map skills, fine motor
Map Study 1


Fourth Grade Geography Worksheets

What State Am I? - series of state worksheets
What State Am I?

Fourth Grade Math Worksheets 

4th grade math worksheets consist of math skills based on number sense, arithmetic, measurement, geometry, graph, probability and statistics. All worksheets are in printable pdf format. Adobe reader or other equivalent software is required to view all worksheets. In case of any broken link (link that doesn’t work to open pdf document), kindly report to us here.

Blank multiplication chart 0-12
Order of operations worksheet
Addition of fractions worksheets
Vertex and sides formed by angles worksheet
Calculate the total cents


Place Value Worksheets

Expanded and standard form for hundred thousand and millions are provided here.

Number Names Worksheets

Number names worksheets based on writing numbers from numerals and numerals from numbers are provided for 4, 5 and 6 digit numbers.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Arrange and order bigger numbers and mixed numbers.

Addition Worksheets

4th grade addition worksheets include 4 digits addition, addition with different digits, arrange numbers in decreasing order and then add, addition based on properties such as commutative and associative, addition word problems and more.

Subtraction Worksheets

3 and 4 digit subtraction with and without borrow and word problems are provided here.

Multiplication Worksheets

Basic multiplication activities involving with different digit combinations and multiplication word problems are given here. Complete, partially filled and blank multiplication charts for 0-12 is provided for better practice.

Division Worksheets

Dividing three and four digit by single digit involving with and without remainder is provided in this section.

Estimation Worksheets

Simple estimating worksheets based on sum, difference, product and quotient.

Fractions Worksheets

4th grade fraction worksheets include comparing, ordering, adding fractions; fill in the missing equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, fraction word problems and more.

Place Value of Decimals Worksheets

Finding place value for 3, 4 or 5 decimal places, standard and expanded form are given.

Number Names of Decimals Worksheets

Writing decimals in words and numbers for 2, 3 or mixed decimal places.

Ordering and Comparing Decimals Worksheets

Arrange and order decimals with different place value. Comparing decimals also given.

Rounding Decimals Worksheets

Estimating decimals worksheets include rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Worksheets

Adding and subtracting decimals and grade four decimal word problems are provided here.

Comparing and Ordering Integers Worksheets

Compare and arrange positive and negative integers.

Order of Operations Worksheets

Simple order of operations worksheets based on only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Algebra Worksheets

Basic algebra worksheets to translate phrase into expression and solving one step equations are here.

Geometry Worksheets

4th grade geometry worksheets include identifying or drawing line, ray and line segments, finding vertex and arms in angles and types of angles are given.

Area Worksheets

Finding the area of square and rectangle with and without figure is given.

Perimeter Worksheets

Perimeter worksheets based on square, rectangle and triangle with and without figure are given here.

Counting Money Worksheets

Simple money worksheets based on addition and subtraction and more money activities are included.

Time Worksheets

Elapsed time worksheets, conversion of hours to minutes, minutes to seconds are included here.

Measurement Worksheets

Measurement worksheets include US customary units chart, linear measures, capacity, weight and more.

Graph Worksheets

Plotting points, identifying quadrant of a point, identifying shapes, finding perimeter using graph are included in graphing worksheets.

Venn Diagrams Worksheets

Answer the questions using Venn diagram. Knowledge of union, intersection, difference between sets and compliment is required.

Probability Worksheets

4th grade math worksheets based on probability in calendars, exclusive and inclusive events, spinner worksheets and more.

Statistics Worksheets

Drawing tally marks, reading tally marks, finding mean, median, mode and range are given in probability worksheets.

You may also enjoy our Timed Math Drills

Writing Numbers Worksheet 3 - Students will write whole numbers to hundred thousands using digits and words. Aligns to Common Core Standards 4.NBT.2. 
Writing Numbers Worksheet 5 - Students will write whole numbers to hundred millions using digits and words. Aligns to Common Core Standards 4.NBT.2. 
Perimeter Worksheet 4 - find the missing value
Perimeter Worksheet 2 - find the missing value
Money Review Workshet 1 - compare and order money
Introduction to Adding Decimals - how to add decimals when addends have the same number of decimal places
The School Play - word problems
More Division Practice - worksheet 1
Ordering Integers - worksheet b
Ordering Integers
Place Value Gumshoe
Word Problems - worksheet b
Sharpen Your Skills - worksheet 8
Subtract and Check
Place Value and Standard Form
Sharpen Your Skills - worksheet 5
Reducing Fractions - worksheet 2
Comparing Fractions
Division Practice - worksheet a
Place Value - worksheet d4
Lucky Leprechaun Multiplication - 4th grade
Alien Addition Maze - 4th grade addition worksheet
Division Practice - grade 4
Math Practice - multiplication
The Fourth Grade Grocer - Word problems
Writing Large Numbers in Standard Form - 4th grade worksheet
Add or Subtract - mixed review worksheet
Place Value - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands
Place Value - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands
Place Value - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands
Multiplying by Two-Digit Numbers - math practice
Fourth Grade Fractions - adding fractions with a common denominator
Who Am I? - worksheet 4
Ordering the Parts - fraction worksheet
Math Pyramid - sums to 2,500
Word Problems - division word problems with multiplication check
Addition Worksheet 11 - addition drill sheet
Addition Worksheet 12 - addition drill sheet
Money Matters - word problems
Number Detective worksheet 2
Reptile Mystery Math - division and secret code
Division Word Problems
Division Practice 2
Division Practice
Find the Area
Find the Average
Multiplying Decimals 1
School Supply Math - division practice
Dime Store Math - division practice
Four Multiplication Drill Sheets
Multiplication Practice #5
Monster Math - multiplication with secret code
Adding Fractions 1
Fractions worksheet 4 - reducing fractions
Multiplying Decimals Secret Code - science related fact
Three Digit Multiplication - multiplication drill sheet
Three Digit Multiplication #2 - multiplication drill sheet


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